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I'm Amber, an upholsterer, a seamstress, and a furniture collector.

Growing up in a thrifty family, our town's "Big Garbage Day" was a family holiday!  One week in the spring and the fall the city would pick up big garbage like TV's, beds, furniture and more.  Mom, Gram and I would cruise the best neighborhoods looking for treasures to restore.  

This early game of "one woman's trash is another woman's treasure" taught me there can be value even in discarded things.  It also kickstarted my furniture hoarding habit (thanks Mom and Gram!).  And I learned that making something completely unique according to your tastes and style is so rewarding and refreshing.  

I pride myself on bringing furniture pieces that were thought to be dead and landfill bound, a new and long life.  Many people just want to toss Grandma's old furniture...because it looks like Grandma's old furniture.  By stripping woodwork and staining or painting it gives that old furniture a breath of fresh air.  New upholstery allows you to savor the memories of a family heirloom while making the piece something of your very own.

I would love to meet you to discuss your needs, look at fabric samples, or chat about my other available services.  Feel free to shoot me an email to setup an appointment!

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