Below are some of the questions I get the most and answers.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me at  Or you can use the contact page to submit a question.


What will it cost to reupholster my chair/couch?


  • Pricing is always customized for each piece depending on the size, the complexity of the work and repairs needed.  In some cases a piece can be made simpler to cut down on costs.  For example, if you have a tufted piece but want to reduce your cost, I can modify the piece to have a smooth back or use cushions instead.


  • Quotes are free of charge and I can typically send a rough estimate with several pictures of the item to be reupholstered.  A more accurate estimate can be given in person but major repairs can usually only be found once the piece is opened up.  I will communicate any increases in cost due to repair needs before I fix those things just to be sure you have all the information possible and are not suprised by the cost at the end of the project.


Is it worth it to reupholstery my chair/couch?


  • This is by far the most common question asked of all upholsters and the short answer is that's really up to you.  Often times, the cost to reupholster a piece can be equal to the cost of replacing that piece.  There are several things to consider before you decide to go ahead or not. 

    • Is the piece a family heirloom?  You might want to spend the money to keep the piece in good shape and be able to preserve it for the next generation.

    • Does the piece have minimal wear or is really well made and just needs new fabric?  You might want to spend the money for a custom slip cover or in some cases a piece can simply be recovered - the old fabric taken off and the inner materials reused and recovered with new fabric.

    • Was the piece inexpensive (maybe a hand-me-down or free from a friend)?  If so, it might be worth it to reupholster the piece instead of investing in something new.

    • Is the piece a unique shape or size, something funky or fits perfectly in a small space?  In these cases you might also want to invest in reupholstering something you just won't find anywhere else.


  • Typically newer furniture is made in a quick and inexpensive fashion.  When it's taken apart I find that many of the internal components need to be replaced to ensure the piece will last you a good long time.  I prepare estimates with expected expenses but it can be hard to estimate what may need to be replaced on the inside of the piece.


  • The reality is that if you are trying to save money by reupholstering rather than replacing, it's unlikely that you will be able to do so.  Quality craftsmanship is not inexpensive but will give you quality results. 


What is the cost to have curtains/pillows made?


  • At the beginning of each project I will give you an estimate of how many hours it should take to complete the project as well as an estimated total cost.  Any overages will be discussed as they happen during the project.

  • Depending on the project, there may be some additional costs for foam, drapery lining, blackout material, etc.  All costs will be communicated up front for sewing projects.


What is the difference between recovering and reupholstering?


  • Some pieces just need new fabric.  The cushions and framework are in good shape but the fabric may be worn, damaged or just not what you are looking for anymore.  In this instance, just the fabric is removed and replaced keeping the existing inner materials in place. 

  • Recovering is not recommended for older or antique furniture. 


Do you sell fabric or do I need to provide my own?


  • Currently I work exclusively with Greenhouse Fabrics.  Greenhouse is a fourth generation family company who offers a wide range of beautiful fabrics for your project!  If you choose to purchase a Greenhouse fabric for your project I will discount your final bill by 10%.

  • I'm happy to help with selecting a fabric and will always let you know how much fabric I will need for your project. 

  • You are welcome to provide your own fabric as long as it meets durability needs and minimum yardage requirements for your project as determined by Renovo. 


  • If purchasing fabrics online, ALWAYS order a sample size or small yardage so you can be sure you like the color, texture and style.  Some fabrics have a sheen that can't be seen online and colors don't always match from screen to screen.


What kind of fabric should I buy?


  • Obviously you want to look for something called "upholstery fabric".  Within this category you have LOTS of options.   The major concern is that you pick a fabric that will durable enough for your piece.  If you are looking at a fabric website, it should describe the best uses for the particular fabric (light upholstery, heavy upholstery, drapery, etc). 


  • Whatever your price point may be, don't skimp on fabric durability.  There is no worse feeling that spending your hard earned money to reupholster a piece of furniture only to get a tear the first day you use it!


  • Once you purchase a sample, please feel free to let me know, I'd be happy to give you my input on durability.  Or, a great test is to simply try to rip it yourself, drag a fork across the fabric to see if threads pull up, beat up the sample to see how the final product will hold up.


How do I decide what style of fabric to choose?

  • I would be happy to assist you in choosing a fabric for your project.  In-home consultations are available to all clients.  A consultation is a one hour in-home appointment to discuss your needs and help you to narrow down or select a fabric for your project and discuss the pertinent details of your project.  Depending on your project needs I will have fabric books or one yard samples, drapery hardware/rods/finials, drapery lining samples, foam samples, and more.  In-home consultations are billed at $75 and can be scheduled at your convenience (days, evenings, weekends). 


What are your payment terms?


  • For upholstery work, half of the estimate is due when the piece is picked up (along with fabric) with the remainder due upon delivery of the completed piece.  If delivery & payment cannot be arranged within 1 week of completion a storage fee of $25/week will be added to the total due.


  • For sewing work, payment is due after the work is completed unless there are special or excessive material needs (drapery lining, other misc supplies).


  • Cash and local checks are welcome.  Major credit cards are also accepted with a 5% service charge added.


Do you pickup/deliver or do I need to bring my furntiure to you?


  • Pick up and delivery are free within 25 miles of Bozeman.  Or, if you can meet me within 25 miles of Bozeman I will waive the pick up/delivery charge.

  • Pick up and delivery charge is $25 for locations 25-50 miles from Bozeman.

  • Please contact us for pick up/delivery charges to locations further than 50 miles.


What else do you Do?


  • Just about anything with a needle and thread.  Check out my Home Page or Services Page for more information. 

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