Terms & Conditions


  • Unless otherwise noted or requested, all pricing includes the use of standard professional upholstery supplies and labor.  Any extra supplies needed or any extra work needed may incur additional charges.  All labor and yardage figures are for plain or unmatched patterned fabric.  Matching patterns requires extra labor and extra fabric.  Unless noted prior to Renovo Upholstery & Sewing, additional charges will apply to any extra work, such as frame repair, spring replacement, etc., or to any extra supplies needed.

  • All work will be completed in what Renovo Upholstery & Sewing considers to be professional workmanship.  We reserve the right to exercise discretion in every manner and detail of all work done.



  • All clients are required to submit a 50% deposit of the estimate for their piece (the exact amount will be provided).  The deposit covers the cost of supplies needed for each project and those supplies are ordered immediately once the project deposit is paid.  Deposits paid are not refundable but may be transferred to another project if applicable (at the discretion of Renovo Upholstery). 

  • Upon completion of a piece Renovo Upholstery & Sewing will notify the client of completion as well as the total final balance due.  Renovo Upholstery & Sewing will also provide the client with a final receipt of charges/payments upon delivery/pickup of piece.

  • Once the project is complete and the client is notified, the client has 7 days to pick up their piece (or have it delivered as arranged).  After 7 days the client will incur a $25/week storage fee.  If the piece is left with Renovo for more than 30 days (unless previously arranged) the client relinquishes ownership of the piece and it will be donated to a local women's shelter.    Any pieces left for more than 30 days from notification of completion will be considered abandoned and will be donated to the local women’s shelter.  Renovo Upholstery & Sewing is not responsible for any furniture left more than 30 days. 



  • The initial deposit is non-refundable as supplies are ordered immediately and due to the nature of upholstery/sewing work, supplies are typically non-returnable.  Fabric fees may be refunded if the fabric has not been cut at the time of cancellation of the order (and is thus returnable). 

  • Cancellations during the upholstery process will be handled on a case by case basis but typically clients will forfeit their deposit as well as the cost of any labor that has occurred since the beginning of the project. 

  • Renovo Upholstery & Sewing reserves the right to reject any estimate request or work order on any job that we feel we cannot be done satisfactorily as written and ordered. 

  • If for any reason the client is unhappy with their finished product please notify Renovo Upholstery & Sewing within 14 days of the date of delivery so that we may discuss solutions.  Any issues that arise after 14 days will not be considered. 



  • Renovo Upholstery & Sewing reserves the right to decline using Customer’s Own Material (COM) for durability concerns, previous damage to the fabric, improper storage, improper weight, etc. at any time if we feel it would cause damage to the piece or not hold up properly. 

  • Changes made to the design of the piece or changing of the fabric selection mid-process may cause delays and incur additional charges. 

  • Completion dates will be established as best as is possible but due to the nature of upholstery/sewing work an exact completion date cannot be guaranteed until the project is nearly complete.  Renovo Upholstery & Sewing will do our best to keep clients informed as to the progress of each piece as well as pickup/delivery schedules.

  • All work is done on a first come, first served basis.  Payment of the required 50% deposit reserves a client’s place in line (approximate dates are estimated).  All foams, trims, notions, supplies are then ordered.  Fabric is then selected (if not already chosen) and paid for up front.  Once all supplies and fabrics are received by Renovo Upholstery & Sewing, the client will be contacted regarding a pickup/delivery date for their piece.  This could be several weeks to months into the future but dates will be estimated as close as possible.



  • Renovo Upholstery & Sewing has minimal storage space.  Any pieces that need to be stored prior to their estimated work date will incur a $25/week storage fee.  Additionally, any pieces that are not picked up/arranged delivery within one week of notification of completion a $25/week storage fee also applies.  Any pieces left for more than 30 days from notification of completion will be considered abandoned and will be donated to the local women’s shelter.  Renovo Upholstery & Sewing is not responsible for any furniture left more than 30 days. 


What will it cost to reupholster my chair/couch?

  • Pricing is always customized for each piece depending on the size, the complexity of the work and repairs needed.  In some cases a piece can be made simpler to cut down on costs.  For example, if you have a tufted piece but want to reduce your cost, I can modify the piece to have a smooth back or use cushions instead.


  • Quotes are free of charge and I can typically send a rough estimate with several pictures of the item to be reupholstered.  A more accurate estimate can be given in person but major repairs can usually only be found once the piece is opened up.  I will communicate any increases in cost due to repair needs before I fix those things just to be sure you have all the information possible and are not suprised by the cost at the end of the project.